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SDTEK is the leading Switchvox phone system reseller in San Diego, California.

Our phoneTEK™ service focuses on four core services:

  • On-site Phone Systems
  • Hosted Phone Systems
  • Voice & Data Consulting
  • Installing & Supporting all of the above

We provide a complete business phone system solution that provides all the features for one price. We do not believe in phone system products that nickle and dime you with an “a la carte” style offering.

Our reputation speaks for itself. From start to finish we can have a business phone system installed in as little as 2 weeks. We stand by our product ready to provide support where needed and we go the extra mile to make sure the project is a success. We enjoy happy customers and hope we have an opportunity for you to become our next happy customer!

Some compare the Switchvox business class phone solution to Shoretel, Avaya, Cisco but Switchvox is exceedingly superior in price and performance.

Switchvox is a complete business phone system, which means you get all the features unlocked in one appliance for one price. With the scalability of Switchvox, you can go from 1 to 600 users or a single home office to a global network. And with Switchvox Anywhere, you can have the features that you need now, for a fraction of the cost of a traditional PBX.

Switchvox incorporates today’s high-speed data networks and traditional telephony infrastructure to allow you to change at your own pace. Because Switchvox uses a web-based method of administration and interaction, and it uses VoIP and regular phone lines, employees can access the phone system via any telephone or Internet-connected computer allowing business to get done anytime, anywhere.

Here are some fun facts about Digium:

  • Over 2.8 million devices have been installed on Digium products
  • Digium grew by 40% last year.
  • Digium has 62 awards since 2006
  • Switchvox was created in San Diego 2003 and was acquired by Digium in 2007
  • Digium’s West Coast headquarters resides here in San Diego, California

Access the powerful UC features of Switchvox in the cloud

Switchvox Cloud is not only a hosted PBX, it is a full-featured Unified Communications (UC) solution designed for Small and Medium-sized Businesses (SMBs). Switchvox Cloud runs the same award-winning software as an on-premises Switchvox appliance. This means your business phone system works the same way, regardless of whether you are running the hosted or on-site version.

Switchvox is the only hosted / on-site UC solution that runs on the exact same software.

This huge for companies who want to start off in the cloud and then transition into an on-site phone system or vice versa. Your staff will already be comfortable and used to working with the phone system minimizing the costs of change and training.

Click here for more information about Switchvox Cloud PBX.

Get the best value for your phone system in the cloud, on-site or on your mobile device.

You don’t have to choose, and you don’t have to pay extra.

Switchvox VoIP phone system offers a single powerful set of Unified Communication (UC) features at a price you can afford for both the hosted and on-site versions. You don’t need to spend time trying to figure out some “a la carte” menu of features and pricing. You pay one low price for all of its communications power.

Switchvox has a huge advantage over the competition because it’s the only business phone solution currently on the market where the cloud and on-site systems are identical. Here is why that is important:

  • For start-ups, you can start off with the cloud version and transition to the on-site solution as you grow and not have to train your staff all over again.
  • Switchvox’s backup and restore process is so simple you literally download a single backup file and upload it to the next platform. This greatly reduces the labor cost compared to moving from a hosted phone solution that is completely different than the to be on-site solution.
  • You can keep the same exact phones between Switchvox cloud and on-site solutions.
  • For larger companies, who may have satellite offices, you could setup cloud for the small office and peer it with the on-site system at the main location enabling extension dialing between offices.

The remaining Switchvox Anywhere feature is Mobile integration. No matter if you are using Switchvox Cloud or On-site there is a very tight mobile integration. Digium has also released a free Switchvox mobile app in theGoogle Play market and the iOS App Store.

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