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How A Small Business Is Effected By A Cybercrime

cybercrime small businesses effects
Think small businesses are safe from cybercriminals? Think again! Cyber-criminals attack smaller organizations as much as they do the larger ones. Small and Medium Businesses (SMBs) are an important part of the national economy contributing trillions of dollars per year. However, small businesses tend to pay less attention and budget smaller amounts for cybersecurity....

9 Advantages of Cybersecurity Risk Assessment

cybersecurity risk assessment
Technology has changed so much and it has increased the convenience of doing business via improved user experience and accessibility. However, with these advancements come with security risks. Cyberattacks are a persistent business risk and traditional information security processes struggle with identifying and prioritizing cybersecurity risks. This makes them reactive to security incidents. A...

8 Harmful Effects of Phishing on Businesses

phishing attack IT security
One of the most common ways cybercriminals attack businesses is by phishing. A successful cyber-attack can cost a small business an incredible amount of money to recover. Some organizations may not recover from such attacks.Phishing attacks are gaining momentum because they are easy to set up, rewarding, and pose little risk to cybercriminals. It...