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Top 8 Cybersecurity Threats to Web Applications

cybersecurity web application threats
 Web applications are everywhere. They power many industries including finance, health, security, and other business sectors. Web applications enable rapid access to information and enhance service delivery to clients. From small businesses to big organizations web application provides an essential service for marketing products and introducing potential customers to new offerings.A constant threat to...

Social Engineering Attacks to Watch Out For

Social engineering
Not all cyberattacks require technical skills. Social engineering is one of those techniques that is highly effective without requiring a threat actor to understand the complex and inner workings of security systems.Social engineering is the process of manipulating victims into giving up confidential information or providing access to restricted resources. The technique relies on...

10 Ways Ransomware Attackers Pressure you into Paying the Ransom

Ransomware operations used to be much simpler; attack infects systems and encrypt data on them, and then demands ransom from the victim. However, with ransomware tactics now well-documented from past attacks, many businesses have developed mechanisms to protect themselves and recover quickly from ransomware attacks without paying cybercriminal gangs. Threat actors are aware of...