Cliniqa Corporation, another successful Switchvox business phone system installation

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Who is Cliniqa Corporation?

For over 30 years, CLINIQA has earned an enviable track record within the IVD industry by manufacturing and marketing high-quality products, designed to improve the accuracy of diagnostic tests. CLINIQA operates from facilities in San Diego County in Southern California.  Cliniqa currently employs more than 100 people.

In late 2014, Cliniqa Corporation was searching for a replacement phone system for their corporate office. They knew they wanted a Voice over IP PBX. They wanted the opportunity in the future to utilize VoIP service as a means to reduce telecommunication costs.

The Existing Business Phone System Challenges

  • Their existing business telephone system was showing its age.
  • They could only find used replacement parts.
  • The technicians who supported the hardware were hard to find.
  • When technicians were found, the support costs were escalating.

They reached out to Digium to find an established reseller in San Diego that had experience working with clients with over 100 phones. That is how Cliniqa was introduced to SDTEK. It just so happened to be that both Cliniqa and SDTEK are located in San Marcos, CA.

The VoIP Phone System Solution for Cliniqa

During the sale process, Cliniqa was acquired by another company.  The home office had installed a Shoretel PBX and Cliniqa was instructed to entertain Shoretel as a possible option  Ultimately they settled on Digium’s Switchvox in the fall of 2015. Switchvox offered better functionality, ease-of-use, ease-of-management and competitive pricing. In addition, Cliniqa enjoyed the idea of working with a local partner.

We planned the installation of the phone system in December during a period when Cliniqa was closed. When the staff returned from the holiday break we scheduled group training on the new phone system.  We also had technicians onsite during the first day of live use. At SDTEK, we want to make sure that the transition is as smooth as possible.

 You can find a client review of our performance here:

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