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Like with all valuable assets, there are people who work to earn them and there are people who work to steal them. In the past, business security threats primarily existed in the physical world. Today’s businesses face newer multi-layered security threats compared to the past. Security threats can still be in the physical world like the past, but they are also in the digital world. Today’s threats are evolving faster due to technology advances and have the ability to be very stealthy until it is too late. This is why cyber security services are now a must have for any business of any size.

SDTEK is a San Diego IT support company with a focus on Cyber Security. We have two Managed Cyber Security services. They are called secureTEK Security and secureTEK Backup and Disaster Recovery.

The combination is our secureTEK™ Complete offering, an IT Security service giving you peace of mind that your company’s most sensitive data is completely safe and secure.

Our IT Security Services Are Designed To Meet Your Needs

secureTEK Security

secureTEK Security is a tailored approach to address today’s security risks with a multi layered strategy from entry point to end user. We incorporate hardware, software, training and routine external penetration testing with this service.

secureTEK Backup & Disaster Recovery

Like disasters, IT environments are anything but standard. That’s why your business needs a single cross-platform solution that protects the entire IT environment and greatly reduces downtime in the event of a disaster.

secureTEK BDR is an enterprise grade solution that incorporates a backup server onsite and replicate of backed up data to an offsite repository. Backups occur every 15 minutes and we test backups nightly. We can recovery file, folders, virtualize backed up PCs or servers on the backup server if required. Most importantly, we work with our clients to implement a Disaster Recovery plan so that everyone is on the same page when disaster strikes.

Keeping your organization secure is top priority. Our cyber security services will do just that, keep your company safe from cyber attacks and keep you prepared if in fact you are faced with an IT disaster.

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