Does your business need a PBX?

Small Switchvox 80


Switchvox ApplianceA PBX is a private telephone network for your business. Users of the PBX share outside lines for making telephone calls external to the PBX.

Most companies use a PBX because it is significantly less expensive than connecting an external phone line to every telephone in the organization, a scenario where inter-office calls may actually accrue charges from your phone company. Additionally, it is easier to call within the PBX because just an extension of 3 to 5 digits is needed to place the call.

The advances made in VoIP technology and the ever-dwindling price of hardware has enabled the IP PBX to be more flexible, less expensive, and easier to manage than has ever been possible before. In the past, a PBX system might have been prohibitively expensive for smaller companies and startups.

With Switchvox, your business can start saving right away by doing away with high long distance bills and hassle. Your business could run a PBX in-house and present a professional image to your customers and vendors, without the traditional headaches and high cost associated with the PBX technology of the past.

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