– SDTEK® est. 2007 –

SDTEK has been helping businesses improve their bottom line through strategic IT planning and support since 2007. As we grow with our clients, we continue to fine tune our Managed Service offerings based on actual client needs. We have also developed a vast network of partnerships to leverage best in class products and services to help our clients succeed in obtaining their business goals.

First Class IT Services

SDTEK has been providing managed IT Support since 2007. We started in the San Diego community and have expanded our IT provider services into other cities and states. The world of IT is always changing due to the constant growth and expansion of technology. However, one thing that stays the same – when you are a client of SDTEK, you will receive a first class experience. Each day our team members are ready to save your day. We answer our phones live during business hours, make ourselves available after hours, make onsite visits, and monitor the technology you need to achieve your goals.

Finding and aligning technical solutions that fit within your business processes and solve your business problems is the key to our success. We are here to support you and help contribute to the growth and success of your organization. We are constantly looking for ways to provide a return on your investment. We take a business owner’s point of view, so we understand what the needs are for your company to function daily without any interruptions.

We are your IT department – your internal helpdesk that is 100% staffed in the USA. You will find us working for you in the background, always making ourselves available to your team, and making sure your most sensitive data is safe and secure. SDTEK can handle all of your IT support needs from basic to advanced computer support, to network updates, to backups, to phone systems, to cyber security protection & training, or to special projects. We can’t wait to partner with you and provide you with a solid first class experience.

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