To provide creative technology solutions with a personable experience to help our clients accelerate their success!

Each day at SDTEK is another opportunity to save someone’s day. With our proactive approach in supporting our clients and their technology, we minimize the interruptions and downtime allowing your staff to work more effectively. In addition, we enjoy being a part of strategic conversations to help form new business processes with the help of technology to increase your staff’s efficiency.

We view the general term, technology, as a tool belt. We provide our clients the tools they need for their business to put in that tool belt. Whether those tools are cloud services, in house hardware, software or our smartTEK™ IT support services – it all depends on each clients situation.

We are passionate about helping people create value for their customers, meet their goals and grow through the use of technology.

We do this by…

  • Providing service from an owner’s perspective.
  • Being available when you need us.
  • Constantly working towards our services being an investment.
SDTEK Team Photo