Recent Cyber Security Breaches That Are Making Headlines

cyber security breach

Since cyber attacks have become a pretty common staple in today’s news, as a business IT support provider, it’s important for us to stay in the know and keep up with the latest breaches. Even though IT support is a service to help others with their technology, IT support does include staying up-to-date with the latest breaches or attacks.

Nevertheless, it’s important to share information about breaches that are making headlines. Sharing headlines can help you be aware of what is being hacked. It can also serve as a reminder to ensure you are taking the proper steps to secure your own business. Cybersecurity breaches can happen to any business. If you think you may have been a victim or could become a victim of any type of security breach make sure to notify your managed IT service provider. You will want your IT support company to know what you are experiencing so they can move quickly to secure your sensitive data. Data breaches can not only affect a company, but the destruction of a breach can also travel as far as affecting the personal information of clients and customers.

We encourage you to take a peek at these recent cyber security breaches. It’s helpful to know what is happening out in the cyber world and what hackers are doing when they attack.

Citrix Confirms Hackers Stole Sensitive Employee Personal Information

“Citrix confirmed that the hackers who successfully breached the company’s network stole sensitive personal information of both former and current employees and were able to access internal assets for about six months.”


Office 365 Accounts Compromised via ATO Attacks Used in BEC Scams

“Office 365 accounts are targeted and compromised in account takeover (ATO) attacks, which cybercriminals later use for a variety of nefarious purposes ranging from spear-phishing and BEC attacks to malvertising campaigns.”


Incident Of The Week: Impact Of Docker Security Breach

“People in the IT sector recently had a reason to grimace and wonder about the damage caused when Docker announced a security breach affecting 190,000 users and a single Docker Hub database.”


United States – Minnesota Department of Human Services

“Minnesota Department of Human Services officials say a data breach at the agency may have exposed the personal information of about 11,000 people.” 


United States – Watertown Daily Times

“A ransomware attack which took place on The Watertown Daily Times is said to have encrypted the database of the media company on a partial note. Highly placed sources say that the malware attack led to the disruption of the Sunday and Monday edition of printing and distribution of the daily edition, but did not compromise any info related to personal subscribers or advertisers data.”


United Kingdom –

“ has become a victim of a cyberattack which has forced the organization to overhaul its entire production infrastructure and inform users of a widespread credentials leak.”


United States – Atlanta Hawks Shop

Online credit card thieves – also known as Magecart – have managed to inject a payment skimmer in the online store of the Atlanta Hawks. Fans who ordered merchandize on or after April 20th had their name, address and credit card stolen.

MageCart attacks on online stores surged last year, culminating in the hack of British Airways and Ticketmaster. This year the trend continues with another high-profile target. The Atlanta Hawks shop, claiming 7 million hits per year, was found leaking credit cards.” 


United States – Cleveland Hopkins International Airport

Flight and baggage information boards in the terminal at Cleveland Hopkins International Airport crashed after a hacker introduced malware into an airport computer, according to three sources in a position to know.”


Keeping your data secure is top priority. Please reach out to us for questions or concerns about your business.

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