Why a Routine Cyber Security Sweep Keeps Your Business More Secure

Security Checks

Security Checks

No matter what type of company you run, your business, your clients’, and employees’ information is better kept under lock and key. That’s why a routine cyber security sweep is so crucial for your business. It ensures that you’re doing all you can to plug any potential leaks long before they have a chance to get started.

Discover Risks You Didn’t Know Existed

Technology changes all the time. Just as soon as a company develops software to protect you, it seems as if another has created something designed to get past it. Routinely performing security sweeps ensures that your system is scanned with the latest information available. This helps discover potential problems long before any information is compromised, and that means you get to provide safer, more secure services to your customers. After all, a significant security breach could forever mar your reputation, but a security sweep could completely prevent it.

Includes Outbound Security Risks

Not all of the threats to your business are attacks from outside sources. Sometimes, simply connecting to the wrong website can cause a host of problems and stop your business in its tracks. A cyber security sweep also checks for outbound security risks, which can help prevent these issues. You can test things like your firewall, port and protocol accessibility, wireless network availability, and more. All of these things helps to ensure that you and your employees aren’t putting your company at risk simply by sending information out into the world.

Detailed Shared Permissions Reports

In most companies, different employees have access to different files and folders, which means that access to proprietary information is limited as much as possible. This is done to protect your business and customers. When you run a cyber security sweep, you can easily discover which employees have permissions, what they’ve shared with others, and more. It gives you ample opportunity to adjust permissions as necessary to protect both your business’s information and your clients’ information.

It Keeps Your Information Safe

There are certain things that you want to keep safe from prying eyes, and there are other things that people outside the company, or even certain employees, should not have access to. A cyber security sweep helps to ensure that all of that information is safely kept, and that there are no holes that can be breached via software, viruses, or other means. Your latest recipe, product idea, or invention can stay safe when you take the time to make sure that it’s inaccessible to anyone without the right credentials.

It’s the information age and, as such, it seems that everyone is out to get your information in any way they can. Even major companies are victims of security breaches. A regular security sweep is by far the best way to detect and fix any problems that could allow hackers and/or identity thieves to gain access to your information, your network, or anything else that should otherwise be secure. If you aren’t sweeping regularly, now is a great time to start.

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