Advantages Of Proactive Computer Support From Outsourced IT Companies

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This blog post was originally published on July 18, 2018 and has been recently updated with additional information. 

Would you like to plan ahead to monitor and prevent system breakdown or would you wait till something goes wrong and struggle to fix the problem? That question sums up two types of IT services available; the reactive computer support and the proactive computer support services.  In the reactive mode, you wait till a problem shows up, then you try to get hold of a technician to come and check your system for problems. Your business may be on hold while you wait for the technician. Proactive computer support ensures that problems are detected early and fixed before they can compromise your business.


Outsourced proactive support services help to keep organizations’ system online and up to date. It involves a 24×7 system and network monitoring, automatic backups and updates which are designed to minimize outages. To effectively monitor your network and maintain functionality, you can either have a large in-house IT team with a wide range of technology expertise or you can outsource to professional IT companies. The former is expensive and beyond the budget of most small businesses or organizations while the latter offers a cost-effective mode of system maintenance.

There are several advantages when it comes to using outsourced proactive support. Here are a few:

  1. Reduced down time even if there is an emergency.
  2. Sensitive company information continues to be safe with the outside management of a professional IT company.
  3. Taking a proactive approach with IT can help lessen the chance of risk to critical IT infrastructure.
  4. Ongoing monitoring of IT and monthly maintenance can keep your IT running smooth.
  5. Providing proactive support will help ensure updates and patches are implemented properly and on time.

Who Needs Outsourced Computer Support Services?

Now that you understand what an outsourced computer support service entails, can your business do without it? An outsourced IT company is important if any of the following applies to your business:

  1. Your organization relies heavily on information technology (IT). And downtimes can cripple your business activities and affect the bottom line.
  2. Your business needs a full IT department service but you need to save cost.
  3. Your organization needs an on-demand, responsive and competent support personnel.
  4. You want to have control over your monthly IT budget with no surprise bills.
  5. You want an IT experts personalized advice that aligns with your strategic goals.

Services and Benefits of Proactive Computer Support

Two broad services provided by outsourcing IT companies are Managed maintenance and Managed helpdesk both operating with the monitoring, optimization and management lifecycle. Managed maintenance is concerned with looking out for problems and fixing them before they can cause damage while managed helpdesk provides expert and helpful support to your employees, handling their questions and requests.

Different services are rendered under Managed maintenance and they provide a variety of benefits to businesses. Some of them are:

Daily Safety Check: This involves the automated scanning of your critical IT assets, backup update, and antivirus status check on a daily basis. It was designed to provide a strong layer of security for your IT systems and give you confidence about your systems’ integrity.

Daily Health Check: This is an automated daily scan to check your networks and servers. In addition, applications running on your systems are scanned. It functions to provide comprehensive system performance reports, reduce downtimes, and remove your concerns about system breakdowns.

Server and Network Monitoring: What would your business do without a functional network? With this service, your network and internet connections are monitored nonstop. This is to allow for quick detection and fixing of errors. It is a critical part of the proactive support services that aims to contain problems and maximize system performance.

Server and Network Management: This is a comprehensive and fully outsourced computer service. It includes a safety check, health check, server and network monitoring, and helpdesk service rolled into one. This service lets you focus on your core business, provide top-notch security and minimize service outages.

Hiring A Professional

Outsourced proactive computer support offers many benefits that are difficult to replicate in-house for small businesses. Enhanced performance, reduced downtime, on-going support and freedom to focus on your core business are benefits that come with outsourced IT support.

However, you can’t just outsource your IT services to any company that comes knocking on your door and expect everything to be perfect. You need to hire professionals with the required expertise and experience to manage your business technologies. SDTEK’s comprehensive service offering is the perfect option to remove uncertainty from your IT services management, increase your business’s productivity and give you peace of mind. Contact SDTEK for your personalized proactive support services.


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  1. It makes sense that businesses would want to have outsourced IT services. That way they can ensure that they get the help that they need as soon as possible! Otherwise you run the risk of computer problems getting in the way of your business.

  2. It’s cool that outsourcing IT is a cheaper solution that smaller companies can afford. I think it’s important for small businesses to have a solid, functional web presence in today’s society. Having an inexpensive, outsourced IT solution seems like a good way to keep that presence running.

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