Common Tech Mistakes Small Businesses Face

tech mistakes small businesses face

Running a small business may sound like less work than running a larger one, but there is still plenty to keep up with for a small company. Something that is often left behind is the technology needs of a company. Who wants to fiddle with IT needs when there is more exciting tasks to be completed! Nonetheless, in order for a business to grow, your technology needs to expand also. But keeping an eye on technology can easily be overlooked. However, overlooking the maintenance of your technology can lead to common tech mistakes which some small businesses can fall victim to. Failing to stay current with your IT can actually set you back. To keep your business running smoothly it’s important to make your technology needs a priority.

Here are some tech mistakes to avoid for your small business:

Failing To Backup Your Data

Some businesses will consider since they are saving data to the cloud or their computer network that it is being backed up, however, that may not be the case. For example, if you are saving files in your Google Drive – and have no other back up program in place – that data is not being backed up. This is the same for data that is saved in your computer network as well. Unless you have a specific backup system in place you are in danger of losing your information if a disaster were to strike. It will cost more to try to recover lost data then investing in a program to backup your data.


Skipping Out On Hardware and Software Updates

We often have those little reminders pop-up about software updates becoming available. But how often do you remember to go back and run the update? If your software is presently running fine then maybe you are thinking the update can be done at another time. Nevertheless, waiting to run a software update can hurt your device or computer network. Many software updates include security upgrades that help to keep your computer safe from cyber attacks. It’s important to be proactive with your computer maintenance and run software updates when they come available. In addition, some business owners may consider if their software is up-to-date then the hardware is okay too. This is not always the case. Computer hardware is separate and not updating hardware can cause problems to your entire network system as a whole.


Less Importance on IT Security

Even if you are a small business, you have not fallen off of a hackers radar. You can still be prone to becoming a target of a cyber attack. Hackers aren’t picky and if they feel they can attack your company, they will. No matter the size of your business you will want to protect your sensitive data with an IT security plan. It can be more messy for your company if you are hacked and your information and your client’s information is stolen.


Not Providing Employees With Cyber Security Training

Employee cyber security training is a very helpful tool to not only your team members but for your business. Providing employees with the proper tools on how to be safe with their technology will help employees to be aware of when something looks phishy. It can help employees spot phishing emails or other types of attacks made by hackers. For example, if an employee is aware of the signs of a phishing email – they will know which links not to click on in these emails and will know not to provide personal information. This can protect your company from being hacked. It also keeps employees up-to-date about current technology scams.


Not Keeping Up With The Latest Technology Trends

Technology is definitely something that is always changing and constantly being updated. It’s important to stay in the know about the latest technology trends and applying those trends to your business. Some technology trends that are helpful are monitoring the dark web, utilizing cloud management programs such as Office 365 and Google’s G-suite, patch management, firewall protection and more. Staying up with technology trends is useful – it keeps you ahead of competitor’s and keeps you safe.


It can be overwhelming trying to avoid making tech mistakes for your business on your own. This is where SDTEK can help you. Hiring a managed IT service provider (that’s us!) can take care of all of your technology needs. We look forward to managing your IT while you focus on the success and growth of your company. Please feel free to contact us today to learn more about our IT services and how partnering together can help you achieve your business goals.

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