Do-It-Yourself (DIY) IT Support vs Hiring a Managed IT Service Provider

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Does your business rely on IT services?

Have you had challenges deciding if a DIY in-house team or a managed service provider is best for your business? You are not alone.

It can be confusing to choose because a variety of factors need to be considered to make the right decision.

In this article, we discuss some of the Top Reasons to choose outsourced support with a Managed IT Service Provider over DIY IT Support and how they can help your organization achieve its goals.


Do-IT- Yourself (DIY) IT Support

Setting up an in-house team requires significant time and financial resources.

Advantages of DIY Support

System Knowledge: Your in-house team may be familiar with how your systems work. They also may be able to make quick diagnoses and resolutions to small IT problems.

Easy Access: For problems requiring a hands-on solution such as hardware fixes, use of a DIY team sometimes can be quicker if your team members work onsite.

Disadvantages of DIY Support

Costly: Having a full-time staff can add to business overhead such as office tools and space expenses. Additional training will need to be provided which can be a costly expense as well.

Availability: Your in-house team may take holiday and sick leave. If a problem occurs during their breaks you will end up scrambling around for an external IT expert to come fix the problem. In addition, if an IT problem should occur after hours, most likely a team member will not be available to fix the problem quickly.

Recruitment and Training Tasks: Like other staff, your in-house IT team requires proper human management. Part of this is recruitment and training of your IT team so that they can have relevant and updated skills. This can be more work than necessary for small business owners.


Managed IT Service Provider (MSP)

Managed IT Service Provider is a remote service provider (or someone who can provide outsourced support) that takes care of your business IT problems while making sure everything is running smoothly. If an IT problem should arise an IT support team will be there to help, they are your technology solutions provider. And as we’ve shared in past blog posts, an MSP is a true partner in your success!

Top Reasons to Choose a Managed Service Provider:

Increased productivity: When your team is not specialized and they take any assignment that comes up, they end up distracted by minor tasks. Hiring a managed IT service provider helps your organization focus on its core business. And with staying focus comes increased productivity.

Specialized skills: Some IT technologies requires a significant time investment to move up from training to master level. A business with an MSP need not worry about retraining of staff to keep up with the latest technologies as such is handled by a managed provider.

Scalability: The goal of every business is to expand and grow. But this can be very difficult if an organization is not well-prepared for expansion. MSPs helps small business owners to expand their reach and service without facing scalability problems such as shortage of manpower and limited expertise.

Availability: Want an urgent support on weekends or in the night? Managed Service Provider is the answer. Even when your office is closed for the day, an MSP is still keeping watch and will respond to problems that may arise.

Personal Touch: Providing technical support is their specialty. You will be receiving professional IT support and will feel confident that your information technology is in good hands.



The cost savings, technology specialization and scalability advantages of a managed service provider far outweigh taking the path of DIY IT support. If you plan to have a dynamic organization that is able to deliver on its promise, a managed IT service provider is the way to go. Please contact us today to learn how SDTEK can keep your business safe and secure. 

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