Do You Know what a Total Service Provider (TSP) Is? If You Do, You’re One of the Few

total service provider
Most business owners have worked with an IT service provider at some point, and any business that is growing still does – or still should. A total service provider, or TSP, is a relatively new term used to refer to IT service providers, and most people don’t even know what they do. Here’s everything you should know about TSPs and whether they are the right fit for your company’s needs.

Different Types of IT Service Providers

IT service providers are everywhere, and many of them specialize in a very specific form or type of service. For example, there are VARs, MSPs, and CSPs, and each of these does something completely different.

  • VAR – This stands for value-added reseller, and it’s quite simple to understand. These companies provide integration and consulting services. Essentially, they determine your company’s needs, then recommend a group of IT products to help meet those needs.
  • MSP – An MSP is a managed services provider. These companies actively monitor, optimize, and manage your business technology and systems on a routine basis. You can think of them as an outsourced IT department, in a sense. Additionally, MSPs work hard to be seen more as a partner in your success than simply a vendor.
  • CSP – A CSP is a cloud service provider. These companies offer cloud-based solutions to companies, and they usually own the cloud infrastructure, too. For example, think of Amazon Web Services or Google Cloud Platform. Amazon and Google own these, respectively.

Putting It All Together

Now that you’re aware of what the various traditional IT service provider types do, you can put it all together. A TSP is an IT Company that has proficiencies as a VAR, MSP & CSP.

How TSPs Make Things Better

Instead of dealing with VARs, MSPs, and CSPs individually, you could hire a TSP and take care of everything. A total service provider will work with your company from start to finish. When you find the TSP that is the right fit for your business, you will have a partner in your success that has unsurpassed knowledge. In short, a TSP will help you analyze your business needs, recommend solutions and support the day-to-day operations of your business. A TSP will actively monitor, optimize and monitor those solutions for you. You’ll save money, you’ll save time, and your business will experience unprecedented growth due to improved customer satisfaction.

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