How IT Support Companies Help Businesses Grow

IT Support Company

At SDTEK, we take pride in simplifying your IT needs. And in order to simplify your IT needs, we are happy to provide IT support services that included a managed helpdesk. Maybe you’re wondering where is a managed helpdesk located? Fortunately, you can visit our helpdesk in the comfort of your own computer. A managed helpdesk is an important tool provided by many IT support companies. A helpdesk provides team members with a platform where they can contact a qualified IT technician and work with them remotely to solve a technical problem.  The helpdesk is a space for team members to communicate with an IT technician, track the progress of a problem and learn how the problem is solved. Meanwhile a team member can continue focusing on their own set of tasks/projects which contributes to the growth of their business.


How A Managed Helpdesk Can Help A Business Grow

As a managed IT service provider, we’ll take care of your technical needs so your staff can remain free to focus on their core responsibilities. Whether you are the Director of IT, Office Manager or owner that is tackling the day-to-day level one support tasks, your time should be spent focusing on the critical areas of your business that truly requires your skill set. Our managed helpdesk offering provides the extra hands needed to free you up to be successful at what you need to be doing. By utilizing a fully outsourced helpdesk – this can help your business grow. A helpdesk provided by a managed IT services provider can free up the time of team members so they can concentrate on tasks associated with your companies growth. Meanwhile, if an IT problem should arise you can reach out to your IT support team (us!) and we will be there to help. Think of us as your technology solutions provider. A true partner in your success!


Why Is A Helpdesk Convenient?

Imagine having all the conveniences of an in-house IT department without the additional expense. This is possible and it can work seamlessly into the culture of your company. With SDTEK, we encourage you to take advantage of our fully-inclusive IT solution without the hassle of hiring the staff or financial requirements. We have designed our managed helpdesk service to be an extension of your business to support your staff and technology.

Here’s a peek into our Managed Helpdesk and a look at some of the Services we provide:

  • Onsite Support
  • Remote Support via remote access, phone, email, chat
  • 24x7x365 network, server, PC, Mac, monitoring, alerting & management
  • New employee on-boarding
  • New PC setup tasks
  • Monthly reporting on services provided
  • Quarterly client heartbeat meetings

With SDTEK, you will have around-the-clock access to highly certified IT professionals who can take care of any problem.


How To Use The SDTEK Helpdesk

We are all about making it simple and easy to reach us. This is why we’d like to share with you a look into how our helpdesk works (Please note to use our helpdesk you must be a client of SDTEK. To learn more how to become a client click here.):

  • There are several ways to access our helpdesk if you have a technical problem and need assistance. Clients can contact one of our team members using the following options:
  • Here are some other ways you can reach us:    
    • Send us an email with your IT request.
    • Call us and we’ll help get your IT request started.
  • Sometimes to fix a problem it requires us to log onto your computer remotely. You would then need to download our Remote Assistance software. This will allow SDTEK to log on remotely and connect to your computer.
  • Once a ticket is made, our clients are able to track the progress of their ticket. Clients are sent notifications about the progress/updates of their IT problem. And can view when a ticket has been resolved.
  • Lastly, we believe it’s important to keep our clients in the loop. Each client has their own portal they can log into and track their time and progress.


A well-functioning helpdesk works to improve standard operating processes within an organization and can help a business grow. It makes it easy for team members to share their IT problem with a qualified IT technician with minimal downtime. A team member can stay on task while a technician from an IT support company is working behind the scenes to fix the technical problem.

Please give us a call to learn more about how adding a managed helpdesk feature to your company can benefit your business.

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