Importance of Security Assessments

Cyber Security Assessment

It could be a compromised vendor account, a link in an email, or a stolen smartphone. Even as businesses get smarter about heightening their security data and systems, attackers continue to find newer ways in. Despite installing sophisticated security systems, many organizations can still be vulnerable to attacks, and that’s why you need regular security assessments to improve your cyber security and reduce the risk of attacks.

Many organizations’ cyber security systems are reactive, responding to a system crash, a hack, or a data breach. A better approach to IT infrastructural security is being proactive so that threats can be eliminated and loopholes blocked before damage can be done to the system.

A security assessment involves analyzing the technology used in your organization or business, looking for any weaknesses that could be exploited by attackers, and providing recommendations about how you can improve your cyber security.

In the first phase, a focus is placed on going through your current security system to better understand the types of software and devices your business uses as well as their usage on a day-to-day basis. The second phase involves examining your current system. In this step, any weaknesses in your security system are identified and fixed. In the final phase of the security assessment, the fixes are tested to ensure that everything is in the right place. In case there is a need for any improvement, the process starts back from phase two and once the assessment is completed, you, as the business owner or manager, will be given a detailed explanation of what was changed and why it was changed. You will also be enlightened on what needs to be done in the future.

Why Do You Need a Security Assessment?

The decision to conduct a security assessment for your business should be justified by weighing the benefits. To help you determine if conducting a security assessment is a good move for your business, here are four top benefits that a security assessment offers:

Bolstered Security

The most obvious advantage of security assessments is that it bolsters the security of your organization or business. A thorough security assessment will examine your system and find weaknesses that you may not have even known existed. Followed by fixing such problems and blocking any loophole. Not only can this procedure prevent your proprietary information from landing in bad hands, but it can also prevent you from losing all your data in case of system breakdown.

Many threats such as ransom-ware and viruses can result in a complete breakdown of your IT infrastructure, thereby crippling your business especially if it relies heavily on technology to run – which most organizations and businesses do these days. Regular security assessments will help prevent disasters such as these from happening, thereby saving you a fortune.

You Will Learn to Take Preventative Measures

As a security assessment is being performed, you will find out where your weaknesses lie and how you can address them. You will also be enlightened on the preventative measures you should put in place. It is always wise to prevent an attack than waiting to react when a vulnerability is exploited. Forecasting where weakness may arise in the future and preparing for it now can save you a lot.

Increased Awareness

Routine security assessments help enlighten you and your staff on newer ways of safeguarding sensitive data and information. Sometimes, online habits of your employees can pose a security threat to your business. Your security assessment team can enlighten them on simple things that they can pay attention to when surfing online. A little extra attention is a positive thing and can help you detect a problem early before it becomes full blown.

It Ensures Consistency

Different systems and applications in your business may be secured in different ways. This inconsistency can bring confusion to your IT staff and can decrease your security in business. With a security assessment, all your applications and systems are updated to follow the same security protocols and use the same security software. This creates a consistent, reliable approach to security across the business and increases both effectiveness and efficiency of your IT department.

Getting a security assessment for your organization or business is a straightforward and simple process, and you can choose your level of involvement in the process. The process is non-disruptive and can be conducted without altering the day-to-day operations of your business. It doesn’t interfere with how your employees execute their duties unless it involves in-depth examinations and improvements. Besides, a thorough security assessment is affordable, making it justifiable for even small and medium-sized organizations and businesses.

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