How Do OS Updates Keep Your Computer Healthy

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A new PC usually possesses optimal processing speed and boots fast. However, this state doesn’t last for long as an operating system can accumulate bugs over time, thereby reducing its efficiency, leading to unexpected software behaviors and increasing system errors.

An operating system (OS) is the core set of software which runs the operations of your computer. Your operating system needs regular updates and maintenance to maintain its optimal state of operations.

Operating systems are continuously being developed even after their release, as many errors and security gaps often only become apparent after deployment. Once such bugs and vulnerabilities have been identified, updates are offered by the OS vendor or software developer communities. OS updates are sometimes deployed to address specific program incompatibilities or a critical system vulnerability. These are sometimes called patches or security updates.

Due to software bugs, the operating system may behave differently, crash and data may be lost. In the worst case, operating system errors may allow attackers to gain unauthorized access to your computer leading to the loss of data or private information. Therefore, updates should be installed immediately when they are available.

What is the difference between OS Updates and Upgrades?

In a layman’s language, software updates are like small adjustments around the house while upgrades are like overhauling the entire house. In an update, you are improving something that already exists whereas an upgrade replaces everything and takes a bit longer.

So when you update your operating system, you are simply applying a few changes here and there to make the software more beneficial and secure. On the other hand, when you upgrade your OS, you are uninstalling the existing software and replacing it with a new one. Updates are often released to solve glitches and problems while upgrades replace the older version with a new one. OS upgrades take much longer to become available because they require significant development time and resources.

Why You Should Update Your OS Regularly

1. Improved System Security: Cyber-criminals and Hackers are working round the clock to discover OS vulnerability and exploit them. Updating your OS regularly will help protect your system against security threats. If you ignore updates, your OS will be vulnerable to security threats and this would make attackers targets much easier to accomplish. Updating your OS will help your system identify and block new malicious software attempting to control your PC.

2. Reduced Incidence of Errors and Crashes: Apart from security breaches, system and program crashes are annoying and can be costly as well because they can lead to data loss. System software and operating systems also have many harmless bugs that are fixed by updating your OS.

3. New Features: With new updates, new features that improve the operations of your OS are added. Right from the moment the operating system is released into the market, the developers are consistently working on new and enhanced features to make the OS much better. So updating your OS means you will benefit from new developer enhancements.

4. Improved Software Compatibility: Some software will not work on older operating systems due to missing libraries or malfunctioning drivers. Updating your operating system can help solve such problems by fixing bugs in critical libraries. Updating your OS might also include driver upgrade, this can help resolve unexplained poor software performance as well as an increase in your system’s efficiency.

5. Enhanced Performance: An updated OS will make your system faster and get rid of annoying software errors and positively impact the overall system functionality.

6. Improved Ease of Use: OS continue to evolve due to ongoing Research and Development by OS vendors. Thus, OS updates often come with improvements that enhance its usability.

Important operating system updates will not only protect your computer from cyber-attacks but also ensure your computer works flawlessly. If you are ignoring them, you are risking your system’s security. Attackers will exploit such system when they get a chance.

With all the advantages that come with an operating system update, there is really no excuse for not updating your OS. What’s more, developers are making it easy to install updates with automatic update settings and one-click installs. Updating your OS whenever new updates or upgrades are available is the key to keeping your PC in shape.

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