Recent Cyber Security Breaches: City of San Marcos, Pitney Bowes Inc. and More

cyber security breaches

In this day in age, keeping your technology safe should be #1 on your list. Cyber security breaches are happening monthly, daily or even by the hour. As an outsourced IT solution provider with an emphasis in IT Services for San Diego we want to make sure to “stay in know” about the latest cyber security attacks. Every few weeks we like to share our findings with you here on our blog. Please take a peek below to learn more about some of the most recent hacks affecting small to large businesses. Please be sure to read about the latest cyber attack to hit us locally, our very own City of San Marcos.

City of San Marcos

Unauthorized database access

The Hack: Cyber Attack

Analysis from Kevin Lancaster: “Hackers accessed the city’s computer systems and restricted access to significant portions of their IT infrastructure. The attack, which began on October 24th, brought down email accounts and other communication services. As a result, messages sent to city employees were not delivered, though government facilities remain open. Recovering from the attack is proving especially difficult, as the services are still restricted for more than a week after the initial event. To prevent further attacks, employees are being asked to change their passwords and enable two-factor authentication on their accounts.”

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Domain name registration and web services provider

The Hack: Unauthorized database access

Analysis from Kevin Lancaster: “An unauthorized third party accessed’s network, which compromised their customers’ personally identifiable information. The intrusion took place in August 2019, but IT personnel were not able to identify the breach until October 16th. Data breach notifications went out this week, but the significant detection delay will certainly compound the damage for both the company and its customers.”

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Pitney Bowes Inc.

Mail Management Company

The Hack: Malware Attack

Analysis from Kevin Lancaster: “A malware attack prevented Pitney Bowes’ employees and customers from accessing critical services. The company, which specializes in mail management, lost business directly as a result of the attack. Customers were unable to refill postage or upload transactions on their mailing machines. In addition, news of the announcement sent the company’s shares down 4%, which underscores the many ways that a cybersecurity incident can negatively impact a company’s bottom line.”

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Ontario Science Center (Canada)

Science museum in Ontario Canada

The Hack: Unauthorized database access

Analysis from Kevin Lancaster: “The Ontario Science Center endured a data breach after an employee of a third-party contractor downloaded personal data from the museum’s newsletter subscribers. The breach impacts subscribers, along with participants in camp programs and birthday parties. Although the breach is relatively restricted, it will still drain resources from an educational institution with better priorities in mind.”

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B2B billing service provider

The Hack: Ransomware attack

Analysis from Kevin Lancaster: “A ransomware attack crippled Billtrust’s customer-facing systems, forcing them to bring all infrastructure offline to stop the malware’s spread. The company discovered the attack on October 17th, and it’s taken nearly a week just to begin recovery efforts. Fortunately, Billtrust maintained backups that were unaffected by the attack, which made it possible to avoid paying the ransom demand. Nevertheless, the lost revenue, reputational damage, and recovery expenses will definitely chip away at the company’s bottom line.”

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The Canada Post (Canada)

Primary postal operator in Canada

The Hack: Credential stuffing attack

Analysis from Kevin Lancaster: 

“The Canada Post recently acknowledged that it discovered a data breach from 2017. The credential stuffing attack relied on redundant username and password credentials obtained from previous hacks to access user accounts. The postal provider was unable to identify the scope of the attack, so Canada Post is resetting all user account passwords.”

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