Recent Cyber Security Breaches: GoDaddy, Ikea and More

cyber security breach

As a managed IT service provider it is important to us to make sure to stay in know about the latest cyber security breaches. Every few weeks we like to share our findings with you here on our blog. Please take a peek below to learn more about some of the most recent cyber security attacks here and around the world.

GoDaddy (United States)

Web Hosting Provider

The Hack: Credential Compromise

Quick Summary: “GoDaddy has reported a data breach that may impact more than 1 million customers who use the service for WordPress hosting. The company detailed the incident in an SEC filing, declaring that it had detected unauthorized access to its systems where it hosts and manages its customers’ WordPress servers when someone used a compromised password for access around September 6. GoDaddy said it discovered the breach last week on November 17. The company warned that active customers had their sFTP credentials (for file transfers), and the usernames and passwords for their WordPress databases, which store all the user’s content, exposed in the breach. In some cases, the customer’s SSL (HTTPS) private key was exposed, which if abused could allow an attacker to impersonate a customer’s website or services. 1.2 million active and inactive managed WordPress users had their email addresses and customer numbers exposed in this incident.” -ID Agent

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Ikea (Sweden)

Furniture & Home Goods Retailer

The Hack: Phishing

Quick Summary: “IKEA is battling a nasty phishing attack on its employee email accounts that is using reply chains to try to trick employees. A reply-chain email attack is a type of spoofing in which the bad guys steal legitimate corporate email messages and send links to malicious documents to the chain as a reply. The messages seem legit and can be hard to catch. Malicious messages are being sent from inside the main IKEA organization as well as from other compromised IKEA organizations and business partners. The fight is ongoing and no direct cause has been announced, although analysts are saying that signs point to a Microsoft Exchange on-premises server compromise.” -ID Agent

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California Pizza Kitchen (United States)

Fast Casual Restaurant Chain

The Hack: Hacking

Quick Summary: “US casual dining chain California Pizza Kitchen has had a data security breach that impacts current and past employees. In a statement, the company disclosed that its systems were infiltrated by an unauthorized user on September 15. Those cybercriminals gained access to an undisclosed amount of data including employee records that contained at least employee names and SSNs.” -ID Agent

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Panasonic (Japan)

Electronics Manufacturer

The Hack: Ransomware

Quick Summary: “Panasonic has confirmed that it’s had a security breach after unauthorized users accessed its network on November 11. The company says that an internal investigation revealed that some data on a file server had been accessed by intruders. No information was given about what data was accessed or how much. Panasonic says that it is working with an outside firm to get to the bottom of the matter and expressed its apologies for the incident.  -ID Agent

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Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) (United States)

Federal Government Agency

The Hack: Account Takeover

Quick Summary: “A shocking email security breach at the US Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) led to the takeover of a user account. The cybercriminals that accomplished the feat were able to use that compromised email account to send tens of thousands of fraudulent emails warning recipients of impending cyberattacks. Messages reached celebrities like Jay Z and journalists including investigative reporter Brian Krebs. The Bureau later confirmed that its Law Enforcement Enterprise Portal (LEEP) was compromised in a cyberattack Friday. FBI officials were quick to stress the fact that the malicious emails originated from an FBI-operated server that was solely dedicated to pushing notifications for LEEP and not part of the FBI’s corporate email service.” -ID Agent

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CS Energy (Australia)

Energy Company

The Hack: Ransomware

Quick Summary: “CS Energy confirmed it experienced a ransomware attack on November 27.  The company said the incident was limited to its corporate network and did not impact operations at its Callide and Kogan Creek power stations. CS Energy’s CEO said that the company contained the ransomware attack by segregating the corporate network from other internal networks and enacting business continuity processes. CS Energy is owned by the Queensland government.” -ID Agent

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