Risks of Not Managing Your Network Security

Managed Security

Managed Security

Managed network security can be defined as the continued monitoring of your IT infrastructure by an outsourced company. If you aren’t managing your network security, you’re not only spending more money than you should, but you’re also putting yourself at significant risk. Here are five reasons why network security should never be ignored.

#1 – You’re at Risk for Security Breaches

The number one benefit associated with managed network security is overall risk reduction. IT companies that provide this service are well-versed in risk mitigation, which means they’ll use a combination of new technologies and their own expertise to protect your network from viruses, malware, ransomware, and hacker attacks. Even if your company has an IT department in-house, mitigating these risks is difficult and expensive.

#2 – Your Network Performance May Suffer

When your network security is at risk, there’s also a good chance that your network performance is suffering, too. Even a seemingly “harmless” problem that poses no real threat to your sensitive data can slow your network substantially, which cuts into your profits and makes your network less stable. Managed network security can detect when your network isn’t performing at its best, whether it has to do with hardware or software, which prevents problems before they occur.

#3 – Your Management Staff Will Feel the Pressure

Let’s face it – network management isn’t easy. As your company grows, and as you add new technologies, the difficulty involved in managing it increases. There’s no doubt that your management staff will feel the pressure, and there’s a good chance that they’ll start to miss small things here and there. With managed security, you’re protected around the clock, which can take the pressure off your employees.

#4 – Problems Take Longer to Resolve

The truth is that most business owners only jump into action once a problem has been identified, especially when it comes to their networks. When you choose managed network security, things occur proactively to prevent those issues in the first place. This will keep your security, performance, and overall network performance on track, which reduces your downtime and allows you to provide better customer service.

#5 – You’ll Pay More in the Long Run

Paying an IT consultant on an hourly basis, or even hiring full-time in-house staff, is incredibly expensive.  Fortunately, managed security is far more affordable – and more effective – which means you’ll get more for every dollar you spend. When you’re spending less on your IT needs, you can improve your bottom line and pass those savings on to your customers. This will help you build a solid reputation, provide better customer service, and ultimately succeed in all your endeavors.

If your network security isn’t being monitored around the clock, you’re opening yourself up to more risk than is acceptable. It’s possible to hire an experienced team of outsourced IT specialists to monitor your network for far less than an in-house IT staff, and these individuals have the knowledge and expertise to keep your network safe.

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