Security Breaches In The News

security breach

Security breaches are happening all the time. They are apart of the modern world. The best thing as a business owner you can do is stay ahead and make sure you have a secure process in place to keep your sensitive information safe. Keeping your data safe is only part of the process. As an outsourced IT company who provides high quality business it support, we feel it’s important to share about what is happening in the world of security breaches. Part of the process in keeping your business safe is staying in know about security breaches. It’s good to stay in the loop and know what is happening in the world of cyber security whether it’s about cyber attacks or ways to keep your business secure.

Here is a peek at some of the most recent security breaches that have hit a variety of businesses. The diversity is amazing and a good reminder that you never know who a cyber criminal is going to attack next.

Toyota announces second security breach in the last five weeks


Chinese Embassy Robocall Scam Rakes in $40M From Victims


Verity Reports Third Data Breach Caused by Employee Email Hack


Ransomware Hits Garage of Canadian Domain Registration Authority


French gas stations robbed after forgetting to change gas pump PINs


More than 110,000 Australians caught up in September’s Facebook cyber-attack


Keep checking back and stay in the know as we will be sharing more about security breaches that are making waves in the news.

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