Softphones: What are they? Do I need one? Will it work with Switchvox?

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I often get asked, what is a softphone. What most people do not realize is that they probably have already seen a softphone and even be quite familiar with one. The next series of questions that follow are usually, do I need one and will it work with Switchvox?

A softphone is a software-based phone or application in other words, that installs on your personal computer. Softphones allow you to make and receive calls like you traditionally would with a desk phone. A very popular example of a softphone would be Skype. Most people are familiar with Skype but less familiar with the term, softphone.

In the context of business phone systems, a softphone can be a very useful tool. Think about a remote worker, traveling salesperson and/or any person in the company who has a laptop and travels frequently. These individuals are prime candidates for a softphone. I mean, who really wants to lug around a big bulky desktop as they travel? Additionally, there are paid and free versions of softphones available.

Switchvox is compatible with any SIP-compliant phone whether it be tangible or a softphone. Switchvox does not currently have its own softphone for purchase but there are many out there available to use. Since the softphone is not deployed from the Switchvox phone system each softphone needs to be manually configured.

In all, softphones can be a very useful tool for businesses. They can allow for flexibility, ease of use when traveling and in some cases save money.

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