Surviving COVID-19 with a Managed IT Services Provider

managed it services during COVID-19

Just a few months ago most offices were occupied by employees, yet this changed in late March 2020 due to COVID-19. Before the Coronavirus pandemic erupted some businesses already had employees set-up to work remote, however, for some of these businesses they were not set-up to have the whole company be remote. Several company’s have had to switch gears quickly and change their day to day operations so the entire company can now work remotely. Partnering with a Managed IT Services Provider during this challenging time can be a benefit and a helpful tool for your business to survive COVID-19.

Utilizing an outsourced IT provider can help keep your business running smoothly – your IT needs are taken care of offsite and your IT operations are being closely monitored while your business continues to remain secure. There will be little to no interruption to your daily operations especially during uncertain times such as what we are facing now.

Here’s a quick break down how the services of a Managed IT Services Provider can help your business survive COVID-19.

Managed Services

As we just mentioned, several company’s have had to make a quick transition from the office to moving to a virtual environment. To make the switch without interrupting day-to-day operations, having a managed services provider make the switch for you is huge. A managed services provider (MSP) can be working for you in the background so that everyone else can continue along with their tasks. And this includes an in-house IT department who may have their own set of daily tasks to keep up with already. Therefore, an MSP can step in and take care of the rest of any IT needs. In times such as what we’re in now, having an MSP on board is a benefit – as an MSP is working behind the scenes, they can safely move workstations to a remote environment. Business owners can have peace of mind that their technology is operating correctly and employees working remote have access to a secure connection.

In addition, partnering with a MSP provides staff members with complete network, server and computer support. There is proactive monitoring of software and devices alerting to anything suspicious which can reduce down time. Also included in managed it services is helpdesk support, patch management, software upgrades, email protection, server support and more.


IT Security

Presently, during the COVID-19 crisis, we are seeing an increase of hackers creating scams solely based on the coronavirus. Hackers never will stop, in fact they find ways to improve their hacking methods to conform to what is happening in the world. IT security is vital to the health of any business and can protect your staff, clients and sensitive data. Plus it gives you peace of mind knowing your IT operations are safe.

As we discussed earlier, setting up an entire company to be remote is a task for an MSP. There are certain protocols to follow to ensure all employees are using a safe connection such as using a VPN. Other benefits of IT security services or cyber security services from an MSP are anti-virus monitoring or removal, daily backups, managed firewall and employee cyber security training.


Cloud Computing

Due to COVID-19, many organizations have had to make a complete switch over to the cloud to accommodate moving team members to a remote environment. A MSP can help businesses on navigating through the cloud. Cloud computing is rapidly changing the landscape of IT. The effect is dramatic with appreciable benefits including reduced capital expenditure and maintenance costs, increased on-demand agility, rapid deployment and much more.

In addition, utilizing cloud services with an MSP can elevate your business to achieve better communications with your team members, manage office files across different types of devices and gain access to mobile device management for your remote employees. At SDTEK, we blend a combination of Google’s G Suite, Microsoft’s Office 365 and Managed Email Security to offer our clients a best in class solution.


IT Consulting

During challenging times it is still important to continue to plan for the future of your IT. Good IT strategy provides solutions for short term and long term challenges. The right strategy can also reduce capital expenditures and improve your bottom line. Working with an MSP can help achieve your IT goals – it can reduce bottom-line expenses (not just IT expenses), grow your business, enhance customer service through technology, develop IT strategies that are aligned to your business objectives and protect your business from risk and data privacy issues.


With the support of a Managed IT Service Provider, navigating through the COVID-19 pandemic can significantly help your business survive any IT challenges. In addition, working with a MSP allows time for business owners and employees to focus and concentrate on business growth even during uncertain times. Please contact us today to learn more about our IT services and how they can benefit your business.

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