The Benefits Of Remote Desktop Support

remote desktop support

Gone are the days when IT support, diagnostics and troubleshooting only could be done on a business’ premises. With the help of remote support, IT service providers can now help their clients solve problems remotely.

Remote assistance is rendered to a client by accessing their computer and devices over a network that is termed Remote Desktop Support. It is used to help clients solve their hardware and software problems. With the aid of remote support, tasks ranging from OS support, upgrades and patch management can be done remotely.

How does Remote Desktop Support Work?

To set up remote support, an application has to be installed on both the client and the service provider’s computer. The software operates on an identical protocol allowing an IT support company (or a Managed Service Provider, MSP) to control some operations on the client’s computer remotely.

Why use Remote Desktop Support?

There are many benefits that can be derived from an MSP’s use of Remote Desktop Support instead of on-site visits. Here are just a few to start with:


Traditional IT support involves a client contacting an MSP about a technical problem or to request new services and technology. This was previously handled by a consultant or an IT professional visiting the business premises to assess the problem and find an appropriate solution. Remote support has made this unnecessary. Now, MSPs don’t have to visit clients since they can pretty much accomplish most IT tasks remotely. This saves on transport and other associated costs which means that services can be offered at a cheaper rate.


Working remotely increases work flexibility. IT professionals can choose to work on a system from any location they desire or is convenient. The hours of work can be set to even after-work hours without inconveniencing the client or halting their business. Remote support allows the handling of the concerns of each of your clients based on their individual needs.

Environmentally Friendly

The world is going green. Since remote support doesn’t require driving around, you are not adding to the carbon footprint. Your business can benefit from this by getting tax credits while also winning over more clients for being a pro-environment organization.


Remote Desktop Support (RDS) allows you to work on many jobs simultaneously. Unlike on-site visits where your time is spent on only one client, RDS makes it possible to work on different tasks from different clients and lets you manage their individual progress. Thus, you can get a lot more done in significantly less time. Also, the time that would have been spent commuting to your client’s location can be better used for productive work.


Many people prefer to work in an environment with minimal distractions. Remote desktop support provides such an opportunity. With remote desktop support, clients can remain at their workstation. An IT technician can remote into a computer using specific remote access software and resolve the problem without the client having to leave their computer and/or desk.


Due to the nature of their business or current workplace conditions, your clients may prefer that you work for them while being invisible. Remote support makes this possible. You won’t be in the way of your clients’ business while fixing their system issues. Many clients are interested in knowing that the task is being handled and that there is still a sense of privacy. You will make them happy by being non-intrusive.

Quick Service Delivery

Based on the benefits discussed above, remote support aids in fast service delivery because it removes many barriers associated with visiting each client’s office to render your service. With remote support, a business can be up and running quickly after having an IT issue resolved. This creates faster deliveries which are seen as more trustworthy by clients and can help gain more customers for this reason.

Productivity can be improved by working in an environment that you control. Remote Desktop Support gives you the opportunity to be more responsive to the needs of your clients.

Managed Service Providers can contribute to your business’ growth due to the efficiency and fast service delivery that comes with the use of Remote Desktop Support. If you’d like to learn more about adding remote desktop support to your business, please contact one of our team members to see if your company is a good fit.


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