The Connection Between Podcasts and Outsourced IT Support

Business Podcast Outsourced IT Support

You’ve hired an outsourced IT support company. No more headaches or concerns about the functionality of running an efficient in-house IT department. Now that you’ve hired a professional IT support company solely focused on making sure your monthly IT needs are met, you can hand off your technology to an outside team who will handle all daily IT functions. OK – hand off done. Now your time has opened up and you can focus on the needs of your company. Focus on your core business goals. But what if you’re having a hard time getting started on what to stay focused on? There are several tools to help get those creative juices flowing. One tool we suggest is to explore listening to a Podcast.

As a business owner, entrepreneur or manager who is no longer having to spend time running an in-house IT department, and can focus on growing their business is truly something wonderful. But where do you start? Maybe you could start with listening to a Podcast. The beauty of a Podcast is you can listen to it while you work. 

To help get you started on this new journey of business growth and development, here are a few Top Business Podcasts you may want to check out.


The Art of The Hustle

Listen Here

Inspiring and informative podcast for entrepreneurs and marketers. 

With a casual and comfortable interview approach, listeners are invited into a conversation between our host Jeff Rosenthal, co-Founder of Summit, and his guests, exploring stories of success, failure, milestone events and of course, key advice that shapes the life of an entrepreneur.”


Business Wars

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A behind the scenes look at brands and their leaders. What pushes these companies to take their business to a new level or to newer heights. These are business success stories you will want hear. 



Listen Here

This podcast will dig deep into the successes and failures of entrepreneurs. Successful business leaders and founders are sharing articles and stories firsthand from their own experiences. Tips and advice are offered too with helping to overcome the challenges entrepreneurs sometimes face.


HBR Ideacast 

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For those who may not have time to read HBR articles, this podcast is a great resource for you. This popular podcast features interviews with individuals who are “leading thinkers in business and management.” Wonderful for business owners and those with an entrepreneur spirit. This podcast is published weekly.


RISE podcast

Listen Here

This podcast is hosted by New York Times Best-Selling Author Rachel Hollis. It features “bold conversations” with hard hitting business and personal development leaders. As a listener of this podcast you will also find “real-life valuable takeaways” which are always helpful and an amazing source of inspiration.


Entrepreneur on Fire

Listen Here

This award winning podcast is hosted by John Lee Dumas.  You’ll find inspiring interviews from entrepreneurs of all sorts ranging from Tony Robbins, Seth Godin, Gary Vaynerchuk, Barbara Corcoran, Tim Ferriss, and much more. This podcast is published daily and is an excellent source of business information to listen to everyday. 


We hope these business Podcasts help to inspire you as you continue to grow your organization. And if you have any questions about utilizing a managed IT service provider for your IT needs, please give us a call today.


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