The Top 5 Reasons Companies Look to Switch their Business Phone System

Canned Phone

Canned Phone

Over time, many business owners find their phone system no longer meets their requirements. Whether due to growth or advances in technology that render older systems obsolete, there are numerous reasons to consider changing. Here are five instances in which business owners may decide to switch their existing phone system.

#1.The Lease Term is Ending

 Many companies elect to lease telephone equipment rather than purchase it outright. Leasing is often more cost-effective since it can be a tax right-off, or when the equipment is only needed short term. The end of any lease period naturally causes people to stop and reevaluate their service. As such, a number of companies will begin comparing costs and trying to determine what new PBX or VoIP phone equipment is out there once their lease is close to expiring.

#2. Moving Offices

 Moving to a new office requires changing a number of things, and phone service is one of them. Businesses that have been in one location for several years may be using old, outdated landline phones, and determine that it is now time to switch to a VoIP phone instead. While many people wish to change or upgrade their phone system, they may not want to give up their phone or fax numbers. The good news is that modern telephone systems allow users to keep their existing phone numbers, ensuring they never lose contact with their customers because they have moved.

#3. They have Outgrown their Current Phone System

 Dropped calls, an overflowing voice mailbox, or calls that take forever to go through all indicate that a company has outgrown its current phone system. In that instance, a PBX system could be ideal. A PBX system will allow business owners to add as many phone lines as they need without requiring any additional wiring. Should more lines be needed in the future, they can quickly be added simply by plugging in new equipment.

#4.  Phone Service Contract Is Expiring

 Just as the end of a lease causes people to begin exploring other options, so does the end of a phone service contract. At the end of a service contract, business owners are often wondering how they can maintain the same level of service at an even lower price than they were paying in the past. For many, the answer is to consider VoIP telephone service, which provides all the features of a traditional telephone at a fraction of the cost.

#5. They need more Functionality

Unless a company’s phone system offers the latest features, a business may not be operating as effectively as it should. People routinely become frustrated at the lack of functionality and desire more up-to-date features such as unified communications. Unified communications allow better communication through the use of tools such as instant messaging and conferencing. Individuals may also desire an autodialer, automatic hold, or call forwarding, features that are regularly available with many VoIP or PBX systems.

These are just a few reasons why business owners consider switching their phone system. If you are faced with any of these circumstances, now is the time to reevaluate your phone system and determine if you are also due a change.

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  1. I’ve always wondered why companies would want to have their phone service changed. It makes sense that they would want to switch it when moving buildings. It would be important to do that quick so that they can get the business up and running as fast as possible.

    1. Hi Braden, thank you for your comment. I am glad this post helped. I also agree, when switching services providers it needs to be coordinated and managed to minimize down time.

  2. My brother and I like talking about things that would go into running a business in the future, and I think that a big part of that would be choosing telephone services. I’m glad that you talked about moving to a new office, or in our case a future office, and how you would need to find a phone system that would allow us to keep phone numbers from when we started accepting telephone calls. All our business plans are just thoughts for the future right now, but its good to know what our options are for the future when it comes to telephone services! Thanks!

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