What is IT Strategy and Planning

IT Strategy and Planning For Your Business

Technology influences most aspects of our personal and business interactions. It helps in streamlining processes and improving productivity. 

However, some businesses treat IT like a disposable tool only caring for it when needed. They have no IT strategy and planning. This is a disadvantage as an IT strategy is needed to thrive in today’s highly competitive market.


What is IT Strategy and Planning?

IT strategies are comprehensive plans and actions that detail processes for the continuous improvement of organizations’ IT capacity. It contains technology-related management methods to guide business operations. 

IT planning allows a business to have a framework for dealing with IT-related issues to achieve an organization’s goals. It focuses on how information technology can contribute value and help your business succeed. 

An effective IT strategy should define your business goals and the tactics needed to execute such goals. While your IT strategy should be detailed, it should also be robust enough to accommodate important changes to the plan.


Components of IT strategy

Business Strategy Alignment

The IT strategy is ultimately about your business success. Hence, IT must show alignment with the general business strategy. This is especially important for businesses that depends heavily on IT.   


Define your Mission

Your IT plans should also define the vision of your organization. Outlining the destination and objectives of your business will guide IT processes and resource allocations.


Technology Roadmap

Technology is constantly evolving and it is normal for some tech to become obsolete.

For example, there is an advantage in businesses moving all or aspects of their operations to the cloud. A good IT strategy should accommodate the possibility of requiring a different technology or upgrading existing ones.

You can’t predict the future of technology but you must be willing to take risks on promising tech trends.   

Create Awareness

Without understanding your IT strategy, employees can’t help with implementations. Various departments are able to support your company goals when they know what is expected of them. They should be conversant with emerging technology and nurture a tech-driven mindset.  


Regardless of your IT strategy, without the necessary funding, no progress can be made. Your business must develop a clear financial plan that takes past spending into consideration.   

Include Best Practices 

This should be an important part of your IT strategy. Best practices are processes and values that have delivered great results in the past. Your plan should highlight the gaps in the adoption of best practices and how to fix them. 

Your strategy should also consider the people, processes, and the technology required to achieve your goals. Technology is important but so are the people and the processes they use. 

Continuous Assessment

Changing business landscape requires a regular reassessment of your strategy. Add and remove any aspect of your roadmap that is no longer feasible or practical. 


Benefits of IT strategy

  • It allows easier delegation of decision making as micromanaging your team can be exhausting and counterproductive.
  • IT strategy also promotes efficient and robust responses to change.
  • IT planning helps with functional creative thinking since it defines the starting point for strategy implementation.
  • With IT plans, it is easier to Incorporate “shadow” IT products from your organization’s subdivisions into the mainstream.
  • IT strategic planning helps to identify your business strengths and weaknesses.
  • It gives more clarity to your overall business strategy.
  • A great IT strategy allows an efficient allocation of IT resources.
  • It increases IT support speed by anticipating customers’ future need


Outsourced IT Strategy

Small business owners may not possess the expertise required to create an effective IT strategy and plans. Fortunately, IT strategy can be outsourced to a competent technology consultant.

With the right experience, a managed service provider can help you align your business objectives and capabilities with your overall business goals.

At SDTEK,  we know what it takes to succeed with an ever-changing IT landscape. Our consultTEK IT services can monitor, optimize, and manage your IT strategy. We will deliver solutions data that will help your business make the best decisions.

We understand emerging technology and their potential effect on you on business and will guide you accordingly.  Please contact us today for more information. 

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