Why Cloud-Based Managed IT Support Is Growing in Popularity with Startups

cloud based managed IT

If you’re ready to get your business idea off the ground, you’ll need to take some time to think about the technology it takes to provide your customers with products and services. These days, cloud-based managed IT support is a better choice for startups because it saves time and money. Here’s how.

#1 – No Need to Buy Equipment

When you store your programs, customer data, accounting information, and more in-house, you’ll need to purchase a server to handle that load. What’s more, if your business operates almost solely online, you’ll need an even bigger infrastructure to get started. You’ll have to buy servers, racks, and coolers, and you’ll have to hire someone to install it. When you choose cloud-based managed IT support, all of this is ready to go.

#2 – It Offers Amazing Scalability

Your goal as a startup business owner is to grow, and with that growth comes the need for more processing power, more storage space, and more data management. When you choose to do business in the cloud, scaling these things to suit the needs of your growing company is as simple as a few clicks of the mouse. Once again, there’s no new equipment to purchase and install, and the support is all handled on the back-end.

#3 – Outstanding Peace of Mind

When you launch a business, you’re going to have a lot on your proverbial plate. You’ll have marketing campaigns to plan, social media accounts to tend to, and much, much more. Monitoring your servers and website just takes time out of your day that you can spend focusing on the core of your business. What’s more, when you choose cloud-based managed IT support, everything is monitored around the clock and most issues can be resolved as quickly as they appear. That provides excellent peace of mind.

#4 – Better Security

Businesses can acquire the digital tools they need to stomp out their competitors relatively quickly and easily. Although this is fantastic, relying so heavily on the internet creates an enhanced security risk. When you choose cloud-based solutions, you’ll get blanketed protection between your network and the internet, which is incredibly secure. This alone can prevent a security breach, which could leave your business bankrupt.

#5 – The Cloud is Mobile

Imagine having a server room filled with 12 servers, a rack, and coolers. Now imagine having to remove all of that equipment and wiring, pack it up, take it to a new location, and reinstall it all over again. Unfortunately, this is a common problem among growing startups that need more physical space, and the process of moving servers can create the potential for downtime, which irritates customers. That’s why the cloud is a better choice; your company can move anywhere without any sort of interruption in the services you provide.

As you can see, startups can truly benefit from could-based managed IT support. It’s less expensive and often more effective, and it provides peace of mind that in-house solutions never could. What’s more, since it’s monitored around the clock, there’s no need to worry about downtime and other issues.

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