Why Routine Network Health Checks Can Pay Dividends


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If you aren’t regularly testing the health of your networks, your taking on some very serious risk. When companies share information via a network, there are almost always going to be some vulnerabilities that must be addressed. Routine checks can help identify potential exposure early on and prevent things like viruses, identity theft, and ransomware.

Ensuring Business Continuity

The number one way in which routine network health checks improve cash flow and generate more revenue comes from the manner in which they ensure business continuity. When networks are proactively managed, businesses don’t have to worry as much about downtime due to things like hackers, ransomware, and other potential problems that can take their companies offline. Even if there is a threat, proactively managed business IT environments typically have reduced downtime compared to offices with unmanaged technology.

Preventing Potential Data Theft

With all of the stories of data theft in the news today, businesses and consumers are on edge about somebody stealing their private information – and rightly so. Regular network health checks can reveal vulnerabilities that hackers may be able to exploit in order to gain access to that information. When customers feel as if their information is protected, they are more likely to do business with a particular company. It also lessens the burden and provides advanced peace of mind for these consumers since they will not have to replace their credit cards due to such a breach.

Healthier Networks Are More Productive

Networks of all kinds are limited by bandwidth. Although most companies know they need enough bandwidth to remain productive, there are “bots” and other malware that can significantly reduce the available bandwidth for employees over time, leading to lessened productivity. Regular network health checks ensure that companies are not impacted by malware and have access to all of their bandwidth so they can process and share information at full speed. These checks can catch things like bots and other software that may hack into a company’s resources utilizing Internet bandwidth for unsavory practices, even if those practices aren’t targeted toward that particular company.

Less Money Spent on Major Issue Resolution

Finally, it’s important to think of a regular network health check like a tune-up for a car, or even like going to the doctor to get a physical exam. Oftentimes, catching potential problems early on (and dealing with them) is the best way to ensure future network health. Failing to catch a small vulnerability now could cost a company tens or even hundreds of thousands of dollars in the future, so it’s important to emphasize the need to regularly test things like speed, vulnerabilities, redundancy, and more – if only just in case.

Routine network health checks can go a long way toward saving a company not only money but also its reputation in the long run. As technologies continue to advance, so do criminals and the tactics they use to penetrate vulnerable networks. Being able to regularly check for potential weak spots and holes makes it easier for IT companies to help their clients before they become victims.

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