Why You Should Consider Switching to an Outsourced IT Support Provider

outsourced IT support

Advancement in technology has quickened the pace of business evolution.

Is your business prepared for rapid change?

While organizations benefit from rapid prototyping, production, and expansion (all courtesy of technology), these events tend to bring on a whole new set of challenges. Companies, especially small and medium businesses lack the resources to effectively manage the new responsibilities that come with innovation and expansion.

Fortunately, Outsourced IT Support can help your business handle some of its tasks, reduce recurring costs and increase efficiency.

There are many reasons you should consider switching to outsourced Managed Service Provider (MSP) support.  Some of them are discussed below:

Reduced Cost

More hands are needed to handle increased business demands. Unfortunately, hiring highly experienced specialist to handle IT support in-house is very expensive. Add in the costs for continuous training, and a small business may collapse under employees’ maintenance cost.

In addition, your business will have to invest in items such as server storage and a security system to keep the functionality of IT maintenance secure and up-to-date. Outsourced IT support can take care of all of this without all of the extra costs.


Business Focus

The more responsibility your business has to worry about, the less focused on your core business services one may become. For instance, if something goes wrong with your IT support, your business may slow down and you will be forced to abandon other priorities until the problem is fixed. These distractions can take a toll on your business in the long run and give your competitors an edge over you. An outsourced IT support provider can give your staff the time and space needed for a business to grow. Employees will be able to better manage their time and work more efficiently and leave the day to day daily tasks to a MSP.


Successful Scaling

Modern businesses change fast and firms that can’t adapt won’t survive for long. When your business needs to scale up, you can simply add more MSP support and carry on as before. If a scaling down of a particular department is necessary, a change to an existing contract is all you need. Without outsourced IT support, such a process will be complicated and prone to error and frustration.


Business Security

Your in-house IT employees may understand some aspect of IT Security, but since it is not their primary duty, they cannot keep up with the rapid change in cyber security. A managed IT service provider with security specialists are able to protect your business better.

Moreover, it would be in your best interest to create a disaster recovery plan. Your best option is to work with seasoned IT security professionals and not your general IT personnel who may lack the know-how to create a robust recovery plan. If disaster should strike, your business will stay secure with a solid disaster recovery plan in place. Having a plan to follow will help limit workplace anxiety due to fear of system breakdown or computer crashes. This will reduce chaos and lead your business back to a calm and productive environment.


Experts On-Demand

Traditionally, if you want to venture into a new area of business that your current employees are not trained for, you either have to snatch an expert from a rival company or train a new staff member. An outsourced IT support team helps your business run as a large corporation, executing various business duties without actually hiring new personnel.

With this, your business will operate with full resources that it currently has and also leverage outsourced support when necessary leaving your staff to focus on business growth. This is a great option for a fast moving business in a competitive market.


Why It’s A Great Option

Whether it is reduced cost, increased productivity or security, outsourced IT support is a great option to consider if you want to grow your business without hassles. Using a team of outsourced IT technicians should be part of your organization’s strategy. It will free up your time to respond appropriately when new business opportunities arise. In addition, you can spend more time focused on challenges that require updating your business practices or delivery.

Please contact SDTEK to learn more about the benefits of outsourced IT support and how it can help your business.  

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