How to Find an IT Company in San Diego to Help You Move Your Business to the Cloud

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For the last several weeks we’ve been looking into what the hype is all about with cloud services, learning about why there are so many different types of cloud services and how to begin moving your business to the cloud. If you’ve decided to move your business to the cloud, then you have already taken the first step toward making your applications even more accessible and affordable than before. However, you are still charged with the task of finding an IT company to help you get the job done. Below, you’ll find some advice for doing just that.

#1 – They Should Understand Your Business

There are many different things to consider when it comes to moving your business to the cloud. Not only must you take the time to ensure that the provider you choose offers the applications your business needs, but you must also take the time to discover which applications you might need to replace. This means that when you hire a San Diego IT company to help you make the transition, it is imperative that they understand your business and its needs. After all, if you end up using the wrong applications for your needs, it could mean the difference between your success and failure.

#2 – They Should Be Familiar with On-Site and Remote Data Centers

Another decision you’ll need to make when moving your business to the cloud has to do with your infrastructure. In some cases, you can retain your own servers or data center while the provider only gives you access to the licenses for the applications you need. In other cases, you can pay for everything via a subscription – including the servers and infrastructure. In cases like these, you may need to transfer some of your business’s existing data to the remote servers. Because of this, you’ll need to find a San Diego IT company who is familiar with these processes.

#3 – They Should Be Prepared to Help Train You

Not all applications can be moved to the cloud; some simply were not developed for deployment via the internet. Nonetheless, many software-as-a-service providers will offer you applications that provide the same (if not better) services that your current applications offer. In this case, you and your employees will need to learn how to utilize that software, and you’ll also need to learn the login procedures for your existing applications. As such, when you look for an IT company to help you make the transition, make sure they are willing to help train you in the use of these new applications – and help you learn the login procedures for the existing ones.

#4 – They Should Know Their Stuff

Above all else, it is necessary to find an IT company that has helped several businesses migrate their applications to the cloud. After all, it should be a seamless process and one that results in very little downtime, if any at all. Failing to find an experienced company could take your company offline for quite some time, and an inability to process phone calls, orders, or even email could certainly slow you down.

Finding an IT company in San Diego to help you move your business to the cloud should not be difficult. In fact, as long as you look for companies that have the experience to help you, who are willing to help train you in your new apps and procedures, and who are familiar with your business, the process should be completely seamless.  

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  2. This is a great article. It gives insights into what a company should look for when they are looking to transition some or all of their services to the cloud. I would recommend this article as a stepping stone for anyone wishing to utilize SaaS or hosted IT Services.

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