Recent Cyber Security Breaches: Barnes & Noble, Pfizer and More

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As a managed IT service provider it is important to us to make sure to stay in know about the latest cyber security breaches. Every few weeks we like to share our findings with you here on our blog. Please take a peek below to learn more about some of the most recent cyber attacks here and around the world.

eResearch Technology (United States)

Medical Research Technology Provider

The Hack: Ransomware

Quick Summary: “In a disturbing turn of events, eResearch Technology was severely impacted by a ransomware attack that slowed down progress on COVID-19 vaccine and treatment research. The provider of technology that enables clinical trials and data sharing at organizations including AstraZeneca, Oxford University, and Bristol Myers Squibb, reported that its employees could not access many systems. That in turn affected clinical trials in progress as researchers were forced to track patient data manually using pen and paper. Systems were down for several days for repair.” -Kevin Lancaster

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International Maritime Organization (UN IMO) (United Kingdom)

Shipping Safety Regulatory Authority

The Hack: Ransomware

Quick Summary: “Ransomware chose UN IMO as it’s newest port of call last week, taking several key systems offline at the regulatory organization. in an announcement, UN IMO reported that its Global Integrated Shipping Information Systems (GISIS) database, document repository IMODOCS, and its Virtual Publications service had been knocked down by the attack. Restoration and recovery is underway, and most systems have been restored.” -Kevin Lancaster

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Swatch (Switzerland)


The Hack: Ransomware

Quick Summary: “World-renowned watchmaker Swatch was hit with ransomware that impacted several of its systems, causing disruptions throughout its operations for several days. Some systems weren’t directly affected but were shut down to mitigate damage and stem the tide of the infection. The company did not identify the exact type of ransomware used but indicated in a statement that it was aware of the culprit and would be pursuing legal action accordingly.” -Kevin Lancaster

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Pfizer (United States)


The Hack: Unsecured Database

Quick Summary: “In a monster week for pharma hacking, Pfizer leads the pack with a substantial data breach that it brought on itself. In a huge blunder, unsecured and unencrypted data containing logs, transcripts, and details of patient helpline conversations was leaked from a misconfigured Google Cloud storage bucket. The exposed data included detailed information regarding hundreds of conversations between Pfizer’s automated customer support software and patients using drugs including Lyrica, Chantix, Viagra, Ibrance, and Aromasin.”
-Kevin Lancaster

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Maxex (United States)

Loan Trading

The Hack: Unsecured Database

Quick Summary: “Georgia-based home loan trader MAXEX had a data disaster this week as an estimated 9GB of data leaked from a suspected insecure server. Some of the data is from backend software development for its loan-trading platform. But a substantial portion included confidential banking documents, system login credentials, emails, the company’s data breach incident response policy, and cybersecurity readiness reports. The breach also exposed complete mortgage documentation for at least 23 individuals in New Jersey and Pennsylvania. The incident investigation is ongoing.” -Kevin Lancaster

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Barnes & Noble (United States)


The Hack: Malware

Quick Summary: “Barnes & Noble has been starring in its own horror story in the last week, as a massive network outage for its Nook customers rolled into the discovery of a massive cyberattack. The bookseller informed customers on Monday that it had experienced a data breach that exposed customers’ transaction histories and PII. Recovery and restoration efforts are underway. It’s unknown if the Nook outage was a facet of the data breach or unrelated.” -Kevin Lancaster

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