Top 6 Technology Topics From Our SDTEK Blog in 2019

Since the first month of the New Year is coming to end – we thought we’d take a look back at which technology topics were the most popular blog posts on our SDTEK blog for 2019.

The most popular topics were blog posts that included information about IT Security Tips, how to stay safe when working remotely, IT Support Tips, how to reduce the risk of becoming a cybercrime victim, password safety tips and news about security breaches.

Take a peek below to see which SDTEK blog posts made the list of Top Technology Topics for 2019.


IT Security Tips For Employees

IT Security Tips For Business Owners And Their Employees

IT Security Tips are a great way to help educate business owners and their employees about how to avoid becoming a target of a cybercrime. The devastation can be brutal, and believe us, you do NOT want to fall victim.

Take a peek at these IT Security Tips. They are helpful and good to know. To continue reading click HERE.

remote employees

How to Stay Safe When Working Remotely

Working remotely is becoming more common but there are safety risks associated with it. From identity theft to hacking, remote work carries a lot of risks. Since remote work is a feature of modern business, it is important to take steps to protect yourself and your business.While working remote may offer a flexible work space, it can also create various security challenges. To continue reading click HERE.

IT Support Tips

More IT Support Tips and Secrets Revealed!

This past Spring we revealed a few IT support tips and IT secrets and found this to be a fun blog post! We figured… why not share a few more tips and secrets this Fall too. In this blog post, we’re revealing a few more helpful IT security tips and IT secrets that will keep your technology safe from hackers and cyber attacks. To continue reading click HERE.


Reduce Your Chances of Becoming a Cybercrime Victim

Unfortunately Cybercrimes are something that won’t be going away any time soon. In fact, cybercriminals are usually ahead of the game and are always finding new and modern techniques to use in order to attack a business. A managed service provider or IT support specialist is working for you behind the scenes doing everything they can on their end to keep your network secure.

In addition to IT support, keeping company devices secure is a TEAM effort. You and your employees need to know how to avoid accidentally inviting a hacker, virus or data breach into your organization. Cybercriminals prey on your innocence and have become highly sophisticated in how they gain access. So it’s important that you follow best practices that will help your business and/or personal devices stay secure and help to reduce your chances of becoming a cybercrime victim. To continue reading click HERE.

password safety

Password Safety Tips For Employees To Avoid Being Hacked

You could have a top team of employees who are your most trusted team members, however, if they are not using proper password etiquette this could be putting your most sensitive information at risk. As an employer it is always nice to offer password safety tips for your employees from an IT support company. These type of tips can go a long way – they can protect your company from being hacked and help guide employees on the right path to keeping their own accounts secure outside of work. It really is a win for everyone.

Proper education for employees about password safety is key to making sure company information remains safe. To continue reading click HERE.

security breach

Security Breaches In The News

Security breaches are happening all the time. They are apart of the modern world. The best thing as a business owner you can do is stay ahead and make sure you have a secure process in place to keep your sensitive information safe. Keeping your data safe is only part of the process. As an outsourced IT company who provides high quality business it support, we feel it’s important to share about what is happening in the world of security breaches. Part of the process in keeping your business safe is staying in know about security breaches. It’s good to stay in the loop and know what is happening in the world of cyber security whether it’s about cyber attacks or ways to keep your business secure.

Here is a peek at some of the most recent security breaches that have hit a variety of businesses. The diversity is amazing and a good reminder that you never know who a cyber criminal is going to attack next. To continue reading click HERE.

To learn more about technology, IT security tips, breaches and more… please visit our blog today!


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