10 Reasons Your Business Needs Security Awareness Training

Security Awareness Training

Talking about cybersecurity is not enough. A strategic plan along with implementation is needed to protect your organization from the aggressive and rising threats of cybersecurity. One critical aspect of protecting your organization from cyberattacks is security awareness training.

Security awareness training is an organized educational training for employees to improve their understanding of security threats and ways to mitigate them. It includes training, courses, programs, and events that are designed to educate and empower employees on how to identify, report, and prevent cyber attacks.

Rather than being the weak link in an organization’s cybersecurity, properly trained employees are an invaluable asset in fighting against cybersecurity threats.

There are many advantages of security awareness training for your organization, some of which will be discussed in this article.

Advantages of Security Awareness Training

1. Protect Company’s Assets
Cybercriminals’ primary aim is to steal companies’ funds and valuable data. A successful breach can cause severe financial loss as well as reputational damage to a business.

A business can lose thousands to millions of dollars following a compromise. Such funds could have been reinvested to grow the business. Security awareness training will reduce the risk of your company losing its assets to cybercriminals.

2. Develop a Security Culture
Occasional one-off reminders about cyber security to employees is insufficient to keep your business safe.

Occasional cybersecurity discussion is often ignored or quickly forgotten by the target employees. Through regular security awareness training, your company can reinforce your employees’ knowledge of cybersecurity.

This will help them retain valuable information that can be used to block future cyber security attacks.

With time, a strong security culture will be developed in your organization and employees will be at the forefront of fighting cybercrime using acquired knowledge.

3. Increase Adoption of Security Best Practices
Merely providing brochures or guides on cyber security will not translate to the wider adoption of security best practices by employees.

Security awareness training is needed to make your employees understand the risk cyber threats pose to your organization’s survival and success.

Employees are more likely to adopt and implement cybersecurity policies when they feel like stakeholders in keeping the company safe. Such adoption will make your organization more resilient against cyber threats.

4. Prevent Business Downtime
Cyber security breaches can significantly disrupt business operations.

Recovering from such an incident can take a lot of time and resources. This translates to downtime for your business. Low productivity and loss of contracts often follow.

By helping to prevent attacks, security awareness training will reduce business downtime.

5. Reduce Threat to Business
Functional security awareness training is designed using real-world threats. This allows employees to respond effectively when faced with actual threats.

Employees who are up-to-date on the latest cyber security threats against businesses will better protect your company against malware and other threats.

6. Meet Compliance Goals
Many businesses, especially those that work with customers’ personal and sensitive information are under tight industry regulations. Regulatory compliance is essential to avoid heavy fines, customers’ distrust, and reputational damage.

Security awareness training can help your company stay compliant with relevant regulations as it educates employees on the importance of following the standards on the usage and storage of personal data. It also helps them avoid mistakes that might expose sensitive information.

7. Prevent Cyber Attacks
With the growing popularity of remote working, attackers have more opportunities for targeting unsuspecting victims.

A compromised employee’s PC can be used to stage an attack against an organization’s servers and steal sensitive information. Proper training about cyber attacks gives employees the knowledge and tools for safeguarding personal and company systems.

8. Empower Employees
Leaving employees to fend for themselves regarding cybersecurity can be dangerous. It can cause a general feeling of uncertainty or confusion as to the best way to protect an organization’s assets.

Security awareness training gives employees some responsibility for your company’s cyber security. With proper training, the adoption of new software, social media, and communication platforms can be done in a secure way.

Empowered employees are a necessity for cutting down the risk of human errors that are often exploited by hackers.

9. Save Time and Money
Due to the high cost of recovering from a cyberattack, investment in security awareness training programs will pay for itself.

By avoiding business disruption and data breaches, you will retain consumer trust and save valuable time and money for your business.

10. Encourage Proactiveness
By the time a cyber breach is discovered, a lot of damage has usually been done by attackers.

Security awareness training will help to imbibe proactive behavior among your employees so that they are on the constant lookout for attacks and take the appropriate action when necessary.

Even if you have a comprehensive cyber security plan in your organization, it is only useful when your employees understand it and are able to follow the policies recommendations. Employees who are aware of the mode of operations of cybercriminals are essential for a company’s defense.

You can maximize the safety of your business infrastructure by leveraging the knowledge and cooperation of your employees through security awareness training.

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